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Some Common Questions, Answered 

Can vaping cause popcorn lung ?

Cigarettes contain the chemical  Diacetyl at a strength of at least 100 times stronger than vaping but nobody has ever commented on cigarettes causing popcorn lung, this is because it never has! It is the chemical diacetyl that contributes towards this disease and most E-liquids DO NOT contain this chemical. The popcorn lung scare originates from the workers at a microwave popcorn factory that got diagnosed with the disease after becoming ill from inhaling the chemical diacetyl used within the butter flavouring.

Is nicotine dangerous?

Approximately 4 out of 10 smokers seem to think that nicotine is the cause of smoke-related cancer. It has been scientifically proven that nicotine carries minimal risk of causing harm and nicotine poisoning isn't possible. Yes nicotine is the reason people become addicted to smoking but it does not affect your health directly! It is the thousands of chemicals in the smoke of a burning cigarette that causes the harm.

Will my device blow up?

As long as you use a regulated and tested device as well as correct batteries that are intact then you should not have any issues with your device blowing up. Also you must make sure you are using the correct amp plug for your charger and device when plugging your device into the mains to charge. The device supplier or manufacturer will be able to advise you on this.

How do I fill my Tank?

If you have a tank then you must fill it up as instructed in your instruction manual and also put a few drops down your coil and let it soak for 10 minute before vaping. Make sure you refill your tank regularly so that you don't end up vaping that nasty battery taste which happens when your tank is empty.

Why are my coils burning out so quickly?

There are a few reasons your coil could be burning out quickly. This can be due to the coil being used at a wattage too high, it is recommended to use the coil within the wattage range in order to prolong the life of the coil. Please check the wattage range of the coil before installing it to your device, this will either be on the manufacturers package or sometimes on the coil itself. Another common reason is that you might be vaping to quickly and the coil isn't able to re-saturate itself between vapes. The last most common reason is that you have not soaked your coil properly after installing a new one to your device. I would recommend  filling your tank and letting your coil soak for at least 10 minutes and also putting a couple of drops of e-liquid down your coil.


Why is the E-liquid changing colour in my tank?

There are a couple of reasons for this. Your coil could be slightly over used and carbon has built up, causing the discolouration in the e-liquid. My suggestion is to empty your tank, wash it with water and then install a new coil and refill with fresh e-liquid. The other common cause if your coil has recently been installed, is that the nicotine in the e-liquid is helping it to steep and therefore causing a colour change.


Why is e-liquid going in my mouth when I vape?

Sometimes you can overfill your take which results in an over saturated coil. This would allow excess e-liquid to come up through the mouthpiece when you vape. I would suggest emptying your tank, cleaning it with water and installing a new coil and fill with fresh e-liquid.


What is a throat hit?

A throat hit is when the nicotine hits the back of your throat as you vape. Sometimes this can be very harsh if using high nicotine e-liquid such as 12mg or 18mg. My recommendation if you want to keep the nicotine strength without the harsh throat hit, is to purchase short fills with nic salts or e-liquid ready mixed with nic salts. If not then reduce your nicotine content.


What is vaper’s  tongue?

Vapers tongue can occur when you continuous use the same flavoured e-liquid, in the end you will lose the taste. I would suggest changing your e-liquid flavour every few weeks to help prevent this from happening.


What is ‘steeping’ E-liquid?

Steeping is the process all e-liquid must go through in order for the flavours and liquids to bind together, allowing the flavour strength to enhance. There are numerous ways of doing this. If you vape short fills then you can leave your liquid to steep in a cupboard for a week after adding your nicotine(if you use it) and shaking well. If you use TPD 10ml bottles that already contain nicotine then again, pop the bottles in a cupboard for at least a week to steep before vaping.


Is vaping suitable for Vegans?

Most Vegetable Glycerine found in e-liquid is derived from rapeseed, Propylene Glycol is a synthetic product and the flavourings are again a synthetic product which are not derived from any animal or animal by products. This means that yes, most e-liquid is suitable for vegans, please ask though in case you are concerned.


How long will a 1650 Battery last in my mod device?

On average your battery will last between 250-300 charges but I would recommend changing to new batteries every 6-8 months to ensure battery life and reliability.