Two NEW Premium Juice Reviews

Rockstar Vapes is an e-liquid manufacturer who, until recently, had flown underneath my radar. But since joining and using Instagram, it’s presence has certainly made itself known to me over time. I’ve seen many excellent comments and images promoting the brand, and now, I have the opportunity to try some myself! They have an already established and very large budget 120ml range, but they are now growing their premium 50ml collection too. And from this range, I have two liquids to review. Strawberry Ice Cream and Orangefruit.


I love my Ice-cream liquids, and Rockstar Vapes have come through like good ‘uns with a cracking blend right here! I left the bottle to steep for a couple of weeks just because I felt it needed a little extra time to do it justice, and it was certainly worth it! The first thing that hit me was the lovely, soft yet sweet ripe strawberry. Not soft as in barely there, soft as in texture. The actual flavour strength of the fruit is solid and quite up front. Joy! Then comes the Ice-cream base, soft, creamy and silky smooth. It brings with it a nice mouthfeel too, and the combination of this classic simple but pairing is very satisfying indeed. Good from the moment it hit’s your doorstep, I do recommend at least a week steep to let the dairy side of things shine!


VG 70 / PG 30, 3mg nicotine Steeped for 1 week ( good to go from the start though ) Priced at £14.99 at time of review We now move away from all things dairy and into the realms of the Fruitilicious ( their name not mine! ). Orangefruit is one of several new flavours in the Rockstar Vape Fruitilicious range, and blimey it’s a zingy one! Orange is order of the day, and it’s a juicy, realistic freshly squeezed rendition. The citrus notes are then ramped up further with the bitter-sweet addition of grapefruit. Oh, and as if this wasn’t enough to enliven your palate, Orangefruit then layers in a zingy sour note and what feels like a little cooling too! I would have imagined this to be a tiresome vape after a while, but when I realised I’d demolished 10ml in several hours of squonking, it was clear to me this actually was an easy ADV contender! Sunshine in a bottle. That’s Orangefruit!


Wowser. For a company I’d not really been aware of previously, their juice quality has really brought them to my attention! And they have such a broad range to explore, I can’t wait get a few more in to try and review! And all thanks to Instagram! Cheers, Peegore

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