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Black Icez

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Black Icez
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Black Icez

MAX VG Cloud Chaser Vape Juice Sub OHM E-LIQUID

Shake And Vape:

There is no nicotine content in our juices, just add the nicotine shots provided and mix to your desired strength. If you purchase with 0 nicotine shots, you will receive 120ml of our liquid in a 120ml dropper top bottle. If you purchase with 1 nicotine shot this will make a 1.5mg liquid and you will receive 110ml of our liquid in a 120ml bottle, and 1 x 10ml nicotine shot. If purchased with 2 nicotine shots this will make 3mg, you will receive 100ml in a 120ml bottle + 2 x 10ml nicotine shots.If purchased with 4 nicotine shots this will make 6mg, you will receive 80ml in a 120ml bottle + 4 x 10ml nicotine shots.


Most of our juices are best steeped for 1-3 weeks dependent on flavour to bring out the best taste, however some juices are instantly full of flavour ready to just shake and vape.

  • 80/20 Cloud Chaser Juice
  • 80% Vegetable Glycerine
  • 20% Propylene Glycol


I have an effective age verification process that satisfies due diligence as described in ""The Business Companion Guide"" for online age verification checks and i will NOT SELL to persons that are under 18 years old.

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